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cars we never see anymore.

Where are all the cars we never see anymore? and used to see as kids?

This lens relives the cars we never see anymore…. Remember the groovy cars we used to see as kids? i grew up in the 80s when cars had real engine performance and driving was still fun!! not the, look out for the police with a camera on every corner like it is today, i loved all the flashy cars your Ford fiesta XR2i and Astra GTE or the Triumph TR7 or even better the Triumph Stag , you name it and its going to be here, and if its not tell me and ill put it on for you, im sure your parents had a car you loved or hated? or someone you knew had such a bad car you didnt want to be seen in it ? or maybe you had one that hardly seen or has been retired to that big scrapheap in the sky if so sit back rev your engine and enjoy the ride that is – cars we never see anymore enjoy.

Please vote for your BEST car we hardly see any more below.

The Ford Fiesta XR2i 16V

The Old School Hot Hatch

The Ford Fiesta XR2i has always had a large following, primarily from “boy racers”, but is a car that most people identify with.
It was never breathtaking in the performance department, but good looking, affordable and reasonably quick, it established itself in the early 90’s as a popular hot-hatch and soon became an institution.
I had a red one and like everyone else i used to pull up at the lights take a look across to see who was next to me, give the engine the knowing couple of revs to indicate that i was going for it when the lights changed, then green and GO! , looking back in my mirror to see the 90 plus year old lady id just burned off at the lights… but that was how it was in those days, i give this fun car a 7 / 10 .


How to Concrete floors and other many uses.

How to make Concrete mix and uses for it

Is it a concrete patio ? or a concrete decorative feature or something else you need to put concrete in, The concrete prices like eveything else are going up yearly so why not have a go and make it yourself the recipe for how to make concrete mix is very simple. The ingredients are Portland cement,sand,gravel and water. Sand and gravel are referred to as aggregates. Sometimes other aggregates such as crushed stone or cinders are used.
When Portland cement is mixed with water a chemical reaction takes place which makes the cement harden. In doing so it binds together the sand and gravel mixed with it to become one solid rocklike mass.
Once done this can be used for any number of things from house building to brick laying from flooring to superstructures all of which can withstand the elements and the rigger of time