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That’s right – companies are willing to pay YOU up to $75 just for filling out one 15 minute survey! You can fill out as many surveys as you want, meaning that what you earn is up to you – the more time you invest, the more money that you can earn.

This is how it works…

When a company launches a new product they need to know if it will be popular. If its not, they will lose tens of millions of dollars in developing and marketing a product that people don’t like. To save themselves from this potentially costly mistake, they invest in market research which involves asking people like you and me what they think, and if their new product can be a success.

In the days before the internet, most of this research was done through call centers – dozens of people ringing thousands of numbers trying to convince them to take part in a survey. However, thanks to the internet, and also the increased in the number of people with private phone numbers, these companies have realized that it’s a lot more effective to pay people who want to give them their opinions. No more expensive call centers for them and no more unwanted phone calls for their potential customers!

These companies are now paying out great sums of money to people doing these surveys, and it has become a big business. As you can imagine, there are hundreds of companies launching thousands of products every single month, so they are paying out millions of dollars to thousands of people every month! So how can you get your share of this money?

That’s where 123 Cash Surveys can help. We will provide you with all the tools you will need to get the best surveys (and by best we mean highest paying!) and the best offers. With 123 Cash Surveys, these companies will come to you, offering you money to fill out their surveys. It really is as simple as that. You can pick and choose what surveys to do, and what hours to work – and remain in control of what you earn.

Just imagine:

  • Work from home to fit work around your life
  • Say goodbye to the morning and evening rush hour
  • Tell your boss what they can do with their job – and then EARN MORE THAN THEM WORKING FROM HOME!
  • Take vacations whenever you want to
  • Never have to worry about bills ever again!
  • Scrap your car and buy a fancy new one
  • Beat the credit crunch and take your fancy new car to the shops for a shopping spree!

The more surveys you fill in the more you earn
so just imagine what your typical day could be like…

Get up in the morning, and whilst your toast is cooking, check your inbox to see the latest offers. Over a round of toast, fill out a basic survey taking just 10 minutes– that’s $25 banked. Have a shower, do some errands, go to the gym. Get back, and participate in an online focus group for $100. Have some lunch, and then do two more surveys for $25. Then decide to call it a day. Your total earnings? $175! That’s for just a few hours work. Do that 5 days a week and you will earn $875. That’s $3,500 per month – that’s an income of over $40,000 per year – and you are only working a few hours per day!

*Please note that is just an example of what you could earn.

Paid Surveys are a serious income opportunity and NOT a “get rich quick scheme”.