100 ways to make money on the internet.

A small list of various ways to make money online

“100 ways to make money online” by social networking news blog Mashable runs through over 100 different companies, products and services that can be used to make money online. Although the descriptions of each method are short, the article serves as an excellent starting point for readers looking for specific examples of how to make money on the Internet. The list is broken down into 5 different categories: paid content creation, advertising programs, affiliate networks/programs, paid social media programs, and everything else.

Paid Content Creation

At the moment, search engines seem to value original content above all else when they determine rankings. Paid content creation services will compensate you for writing original content and either submitting it to their service, or publishing it on your own web site. When the content is published on your own site, the goal is usually to drum up links and exposure for new products and services seeking to build and audience or base of customers.

Advertising Programs

Do you operate a web site? Advertising programs want you in their network of publishers. A publisher inserts code into his or her site, which allows the advertising network behind that code to fill spots on the publisher’s site with advertisements from their inventory of clients.

Types of advertisements include image banners, animations, text, audio, and video. Publishers are paid according to any of a number of schemes:

  • The publisher is paid based on how many people are exposed to the advertisement.
  • The publisher is paid based on how many people click on the advertisement.
  • The publisher is paid a commission for any person who takes action based on the advertisement, such as buying a product or service.

Affiliate Networks and Programs

Affiliate Networks will pay you to promote and sell products and services through the Internet. The means by which this task is carried out vary, and are as diverse as the companies listed. Some ask you to promote via the web or e-mail, some have you trade currency, others supply you with personalized merchandise. Be careful not to let yourself be recruited as a spammer!

Paid Social Media Programs

The social networking space is very crowded. Many small sites are fighting for exposure, while the big players like MySpace and Facebook dominate the scene. Given this intense competition for your attention, a few social networks have decided the best way to win your time is to put money in your pocket. These sites will compensate you for time spent using their features, referring new members, and participating in their communities.

Everything Else

Income sources under this classification each work in their own unique way. This includes promoting the installation of their software, carrying out research, and even serving as a juror for a mock trial.

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