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100 ways to make money on the internet.

A small list of various ways to make money online

“100 ways to make money online” by social networking news blog Mashable runs through over 100 different companies, products and services that can be used to make money online. Although the descriptions of each method are short, the article serves as an excellent starting point for readers looking for specific examples of how to make money on the Internet. The list is broken down into 5 different categories: paid content creation, advertising programs, affiliate networks/programs, paid social media programs, and everything else.

Paid Content Creation

At the moment, search engines seem to value original content above all else when they determine rankings. Paid content creation services will compensate you for writing original content and either submitting it to their service, or publishing it on your own web site. When the content is published on your own site, the goal is usually to drum up links and exposure for new products and services seeking to build and audience or base of customers.

Advertising Programs

Do you operate a web site? Advertising programs want you in their network of publishers. A publisher inserts code into his or her site, which allows the advertising network behind that code to fill spots on the publisher’s site with advertisements from their inventory of clients.

Types of advertisements include image banners, animations, text, audio, and video. Publishers are paid according to any of a number of schemes:

  • The publisher is paid based on how many people are exposed to the advertisement.
  • The publisher is paid based on how many people click on the advertisement.
  • The publisher is paid a commission for any person who takes action based on the advertisement, such as buying a product or service.

Affiliate Networks and Programs

Affiliate Networks will pay you to promote and sell products and services through the Internet. The means by which this task is carried out vary, and are as diverse as the companies listed. Some ask you to promote via the web or e-mail, some have you trade currency, others supply you with personalized merchandise. Be careful not to let yourself be recruited as a spammer!

Paid Social Media Programs

The social networking space is very crowded. Many small sites are fighting for exposure, while the big players like MySpace and Facebook dominate the scene. Given this intense competition for your attention, a few social networks have decided the best way to win your time is to put money in your pocket. These sites will compensate you for time spent using their features, referring new members, and participating in their communities.

Everything Else

Income sources under this classification each work in their own unique way. This includes promoting the installation of their software, carrying out research, and even serving as a juror for a mock trial.

See my other lens to help with this too


Income Elite – Everything you need for your success all in one place.




Date: 7th of February, 2011

Hi, I’m Steve Peirce

You’ve probably never heard of me or the rest of our team before, unless of course you’ve been following the Clone Cash System emails.

But there’s a good reason for that.

We’re not “Gurus” who live our online lives in the public eye, churning out over priced ebook after ebook, covering techniques we have never used, or indeed, never will.

Until now, we have remained ‘underground’. Quietly and anonymously creaming millions of dollars every year from the internet. In fact…

ALL of this was achieved from a standing start:

  • A Cheap PC
  • Internet connection
  • No online experience
  • No capital
  • No Big Shot partners
  • No joint ventures
  • Working part time
  • From home

We are not showing you this just to show off. (OK, maybe a little. But can you blame us?)

Seriously, we are showing you to prove our success and how quickly it was achieved. Just look at Rob and Dave for proof! They are still in their mid twenties for crying out loud!

The point I’m making is that it has taken them a few short years to achieve this. And don’t forget…

So is it possible for YOU to achieve this level of success? Yes it is. But you MUST remember one important and often overlooked thing…

Ok Steve, I’m Convinced. Let Me Join The Income Elite Team Right Now – Risk FREE!


It’s a sad fact that many online marketers are selling products based on techniques they are not actually using themselves. The top earners keep their real goldmines a secret.

So how on earth can they work WITH you, or support you if you need help?

No, no, no!

If you REALLY want to make money online (the kind of money we are making) you need to learn from people ALREADY making money… and from people that are willing to show you EXACTLY how they are doing it.

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Unfortunately though, without these essentials (which are incredibly difficult to find in one place without spending an absolute fortune), your road to online financial success is going to be long and hard.

There really is only one way to ensure you get both of these essential elements…

The Income Elite Team of course!

Right now, for the first time ever, you can join us and truly become part of our incredibly successful team. Before I go any further, allow me to introduce the core members:

Steve Peirce
I’m the newest member of the team. Income Elite was born through my constant nagging to the other guys. As a result of redundancy threats I finally took action online. It took a while and some experimentation, but I finally saw spectacular results.

Using what I teach in the Clone Cash System, I have found real financial success and to cut a long story short, I had the great fortune of hooking up with the rest of the team during a Joint venture.

Having experienced more success than I ever thought possible through working with them, I FINALLY persuaded them to come out from the shadows and share their amazing story and knowledge.

And so after months of preparation Income Elite was born.

Co-Founders of Income Elite, these two guys are veterans of the team and their combined knowledge is literally staggering.

Rob and Dave became known when their small eBay business allowed them to launch an internet marketing business which skyrocketed from a home office operation to a $5million dollar a year online empire!

Can you believe that you will get to both talk and work with these guys on a daily basis in the Community Hub? Well YOU Can!

Phil Coleman
As you may have seen in the Clone Cash System emails, Phil is the Copywriter of the team.

With years of offline marketing experience as a Marketing Manager, followed by 10 years marketing online, he has lots of valuable experience to share with you.

If you want to learn about using copywriting to drastically improve your visitor to customer conversion rate and therefore your profits, Phil’s your man!

Nathan Towers
As the Designer of the team, Nathan is responsible not just for website design, but product covers, logos, banners and all other imagery. His funky designs give all our products a fresh and vibrant look.

If you need a little advice on something design related, Nathan has years of professional experience designing high converting sites. His designs are the other half of the ‘high conversions’ equation.

Copywriting is very important to get visitors to take action, but if it’s wrapped in nice clothes, it boosts conversions further.

Xanthe Robertson
In her role as Income Elite Members Mentor, Xanthe supports the “can do” culture of the Income Elite team. If you are in need of assistance with setting up, Xanthe will be there to help.

From guiding you through the right things to do first, to helping you move forward and build your online empire, Xanthe has years of successful experience online.

Tap into her vast knowledge to ensure you get you off to a flying start.

As part of the Income Elite team…

  • You’ll see every secret underground tactic and technique we use to earn our fortune. Nothing is hidden. And you’ll soon learn we use THE ACTUAL TACTICS WE ARE SHOWING YOU how to use! Plus we’ll CONTINUALLY show you more EVERY month and guide you along the way, so you can copy us, and make your own fortune online.
  • You’ll share our wealth of experience. Never again struggle for the answers people are not willing to share with you. Our secrets will now be YOUR secrets. Shhhh!
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*BRAND NEW* AD Cash Systems

copy and paste systems

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Almost always, less experienced entrepreneurs and internet marketers suffer from what we call ?information overload??

While sorting through the clutter and filler of so called ?make money programs? and ?internet marketing courses, many people lose their way and give up before they’ve even made a start…

What you need is someone to hold you by the hand and show you step-by-step the EXACT systems that are proven to work?

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The Elite Stealth Projects (E.S.P.)

We obviously can’t give too much away about this outside the members area… but…

What do you think the chances are of any millionaire marketer letting YOU into their biggest money-making projects? I’m talking about their online oil wells, goldmines, cash machines, call them what you will. They’ll not only show you, but actually involve you in the process and let you grab a share of the REAL money spinners?

If you answered, “The chance of that happening is ZERO”… you’re right.

Do you REALLY think they make their vast fortunes from selling $30 e-books? Or have you always suspected there was something much bigger and much more secretive going on in the background? Of course you have… and you’re right again! They very rarely make the bulk of their fortune working alone. It’s when they team up that they multiply their earning power to ‘filthy rich’ status. But they ain’t gonna let YOU in!

OK, THEY won’t, but WE will!

And what’s more, YOU can actually team up with us and take part in OUR most profitable projects.

  • Over the years we’ve learnt so much about the power of working as a coordinated group and staying ‘under the radar’. The rewards are enormous. And we have developed a system, proven to work time after time, to enable us to expand this…
    to include YOU!
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  • The ESP’s will be your chance to literally smash YEARS off your learning curve. When we say you’ll be working hand in hand with the core team, that’s exactly what we mean. Where else can you get that?
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To work directly with a team who have made over $20,000,000 in the last 4 years, you would normally need vast experience, a ton of cash and a six figure list of subscribers to apply to join the party!

When you’re a member of Income Elite, you don’t need any of that….

The Income Elite Community Hub

You may feel alone online right now, but that’s about to change forever.

The Income Elite Community Hub is about to become your new profitable home online.

If you’ve been online for any time at all you’ve probably dipped in and out of forums.

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With Income Elite, you have the incredibly rare opportunity to get your feet under the table, right at the very beginning.

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Yes, thanks to Income Elite, your online vehicle has just been upgraded from a bicycle… to a Ferrari F430!

The Income Elite Wealth Library

To be honest, the Community Hub and the Elite Stealth Projects alone are enough to ensure your success, in flat out, record time.

But there’s more. Much more…

Once you’re into the Members Area, you’ll find the Getting Started page. Devour it! It’s designed to help you get off to a flying start.

But you’ll also find the Income Elite Wealth Library. This includes easy to navigate sections with literally hundreds of hours of video and audio, special wealth building reports, fast cash systems and what we like to call, the Main Core Systems.

This information has cost us over $20,000 and literally months to put together. You get ALL of it, the second you become an Income Elite member.

There are dozens of techniques you can use to start making money TODAY.

There is simply no way we have room to list it all here, but you’ll get a bird’s eye view in the Members Area Tour video below…

Ok Steve, I’m Convinced. Let Me Join The Income Elite Team Right Now – Risk FREE!

I’m sure you’ll agree this information is priceless. And just wait till you see the rest of it!

And there’s still more amazing and valuable resources in the members’ area…

You have probably heard the phrase “the money is in the list”, right? Well it’s true. When you build a list of subscribers to your newsletter or email course, you’ll both earn money immediately, AND lock in growing profits for years to come!

It’s a TRULY powerful technique, when used correctly. Check out these snap shots from inside our subscriber list management area:

When you see the figures we have achieved, do you think there’s a good chance we can show YOU how to build your own list of loyal subscribers? And get it right first time?

Good chance!? NO! It’s a certainty.

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And we use this technique HEAVILY, simply because it’s like having your very own cash machine!!

How many cash machines will you build?

  • Website templates
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Oh, and how could I ‘almost’ forget…

You also get Rob and Dave’s Special eBay Report.

And it really is special! You’ve obviously watched the videos above, so you know why it’s so exciting that Rob and Dave have put a report together on the exact techniques they showed you in their video.

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  • You’ll share our wealth of experience. Never again struggle for the answers people are not willing to share with you. Our secrets will now be YOUR secrets. Shhhh!
  • You really will get to know us – both the core team AND all the other members – thanks to the Income Elite Community Hub. A forum like no other. No faceless marketers, no out of control egos. You’ll be one of the team and we’ll be right there all the way. More on the power of this in a moment.
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We will be updating the Income Elite Members’ Area every month. You’ll get access to new info, reports, videos, products and resources.

We will also be reporting back to you our test results, along with the successes and failures we’ve had over the month.

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If you have bought more than 3 books on how to make money on the internet, you may have come to the conclusion that learning some things from a book is pretty difficult and in most cases almost impossible. That?s why I am a proud member of Income Elite and I have worked with the Income Elite team for the past few years.

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Alex Smith ?

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YouTube – Andy murray in The gangster movie The Crew set in liverpool.

i had a great day as an extra in this movie, im on 47secs clapping and whistling… come see it please

Match Report | Chelsea v Liverpool – 6th February 2011 | Sky Sports | Football News.

Reds ruin Torres’ Blues bow

Meireles strike dents Chelsea’s title bid and lifts Liverpool into sixth

By Chris Burton Last updated: 6th February 2011   Subscribe to RSS Feed

Raul Meireles Liverpool celeb v Chelsea

Meireles: Grabbed the only goal

Chelsea v Liverpool Martin Skrtel Fernando Torres

Torres: No way through

Man of the match: Steven Gerrard was Liverpool’s inspiration and led by example.

Moment of the match: Maxi Rodrigues somehow managed to hit the bar from six-yards out in the first period.

Attempt of the match: It looked like the Fernando Torres of old when he was about to pull the trigger in the box, but Jamie Carragher made a superb block to deny him.

Save of the match: Pepe Reina had little to do but his block from Florent Malouda was vital.

Talking point: Fernando Torres’ debut was the obvious headline maker before the game, but he was well below-par and it will be interesting to see how far Chelsea are prepared to go to accommodate their new £50m striker.

Raul Meireles ensured Fernando Torres endured an afternoon to forget on Sunday, with Liverpool claiming a 1-0 win away at Chelsea.

All the talk prior to kick-off was of the Blues’ £50million forward, but he got little change out of a Reds outfit set up by Kenny Dalglish to frustrate and nullify the hosts’ considerable attacking threat.

In the end it was Meireles who stole the headlines, with the Portuguese playmaker grabbing the only goal of the game at Stamford Bridge.

It took less than two minutes for the man of the moment to get away his first shot for his new club, but Torres’ radar was off on this occasion as he curled into the stands after picking up a stray pass from former colleague Maxi Rodriguez.

Chelsea had already seen John Obi Mikel booked by that stage, with just 30 seconds on the clock when the Nigerian midfielder saw yellow for a clumsy challenge on Steven Gerrard.

The pre-match hype was overshadowing proceedings, with the first 15 minutes offering little more than some gentle sparring.

Both sides entered the tie knowing that rivals had slipped up on Saturday, with Chelsea chasing league leaders Manchester United and Liverpool hoping to oust Sunderland in sixth.

They were not prepared to take risks, though, with a Didier Drogba shot which deflected narrowly wide off Frank Lampard as close as either side came early on.

From the resulting goal-kick, Pepe Reina played Martin Skrtel into trouble and he was fortunate to force his way through Nicolas Anelka after turning straight into the Frenchman on the edge of the box.

Chelsea were seeing plenty of the ball at this stage, but a hooked cross from the buccaneering Ashley Cole summed up their efforts as no-one in blue was on hand to challenge inside the area.

Branislav Ivanovic, who Liverpool should have needed no introduction to following his European exploits in 2009, saw a couple of headers from corners flash wide, but Torres had his moment shortly after the half-hour mark.


Drogba slid an inch-perfect pass into his new strike partner, but the most expensive player in British football was unable to drill a low shot past a typically robust block from the returning Jamie Carragher.

The visitors should have taken the lead a couple of minutes later, but Maxi somehow failed to find the target from five yards out.

Gerrard drove across the face of goal and, having ghosted in at the back post, Liverpool’s Argentinian forward skewed the ball onto the face of the crossbar off his ankle.

Chelsea’s defence was rattled again in first-half stoppage-time, with Petr Cech and Ivanovic becoming embroiled in an angry exchange after colliding as they both went for a Martin Kelly delivery which posed no threat.

Liverpool settled into the second half quickly, spraying the ball around with confidence, but it was Drogba who had the first chance after the break, with Carragher doing just about enough to prevent the Ivorian from testing Reina with an acrobatic overhead kick.

On 53 minutes Dirk Kuyt contemplated throwing himself at a hanging cross, but opted instead to recycle possession and Glen Johnson lashed a fizzing shot inches over the top after being teed up 20 yards out.

Moments later Drogba saw an effort bundled behind, after Cole had tumbled inside the box but was waved back to his feet.

Anelka tried his luck from distance, as Liverpool stood off their former forward, but once again a defender in red was able put himself in the path of the ball and divert it away from goal.

It was no surprise on the hour mark to see activity on both benches, with Dalglish and Carlo Ancelotti contemplating changes after seeing Plan A draw a blank.

Anelka came close to breaking the deadlock before the alterations arrived, crashing a drilled shot past an upright, but it was apparent that fresh legs were required to add extra impetus to the game.

With 65 minutes gone, Torres’ afternoon came to a premature end as he made way for Salomon Kalou – with his departure greeted with cheers and jeers from opposite ends of the ground.


Within seconds of the Spaniard settling on the bench, Essien burst clear of his midfield shackles and lofted a left-footed effort over the top.

Then, on 69 minutes, the opening goal finally arrived, with Chelsea’s failure to deal with a Gerrard cross from the right allowing the in-form Meireles to fire into the back of an unguarded net.

The response from the hosts was immediate, with Florent Malouda forcing a smart save from Reina shortly after replacing the ineffective Mikel.

Chelsea then handed a debut to the second of their big-money arrivals, with highly-rated Brazilian defender David Luiz introduced to the locals in place of Jose Bosingwa.

Dalglish was now happy to settle for a narrow victory, with the forward-thinking Maxi replaced by the defensively-minded Fabio Aurelio as Liverpool looked to shut up shop.

The Reds boss would have been concerned to see his side retreat further and further into their shell, but Chelsea’s need to score saw them leave gaping holes at the back.

Aurelio almost benefited from those defensive frailties 10 minutes from time, as Liverpool countered at pace, but he saw a shot with his weaker right foot comfortably beaten away by Cech.

Liverpool then added further steel to their midfield ranks as Christian Poulsen allowed goal-hero Meireles to take a well-earned rest.

Chelsea huffed and puffed in pursuit of a leveller, with Ivanovic pushed forward to try and add another attacking threat, especially in the air.

Their efforts came to nothing, though, with Liverpool looking the more likely to add a second in the closing stages as Kuyt attempted to take advantage of the open space left in behind the Blues’ back four.

Defeat leaves reigning champions Chelsea 10 points adrift of Manchester United, while Liverpool now sit sixth – six points adrift of the top four and dreaming of a UEFA Champions League spot which seemed so unlikely at the turn of the year.

Liverpool football club

Liverpool football club.


Kenny – Carroll can be star | Sky Sports | Liverpool News | Football | Premier League 

Kenny – Carroll can be star

Anfield positivity shines as record signing is officially unveiled


Kenny - Carroll can be star 

Carroll: £35m arrival from Newcastle

We know he is a young boy. We know the price is maybe a bit more than what some people think it should be.

Kenny Dalglish on Andy Carroll

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish is not concerned about record signing Andy Carroll dealing with the weight of expectancy that comes with a £35million price-tag.

The former Newcastle No.9 moved to Anfield on transfer deadline day as a replacement for Fernando Torres, who joined Chelsea in a £50m deal, while Luis Suarez has also arrived from Ajax.

Much has been made of the fee paid for Carroll, who only became a Premier League first-team regular for Newcastle, last season’s Championship winners, in the opening six months of this season.

But Dalglish has no doubts that the 11-goal 22-year-old, having made his England debut against France in November, will be able to live up to expectations.

The Liverpool manager told a press conference: “I would like to reassure Andy that we are more upbeat about Andy coming than I think yourselves are.


“Every single question has got negativity in it. We don’t see any reason whatsoever to be negative in any shape or form about Andy signing for Liverpool football club.

“It is a great signing for us, as is Luis. It is fantastic for us.”

Liverpool’s parent company, Fenway Sports Group, deemed Carroll met their recruitment criteria of age, potential and marketing value and he was duly paraded at Anfield before kick-off in Wednesday’s win over Stoke, when Suarez scored the second goal.

The Gateshead-born striker then took a seat in the stands due to his ongoing thigh injury, which is expected to keep him sidelined until the end of February, and Dalglish is excited about the prospect of his eventual recovery.

He continued: “We are looking forward to it, really looking forward to getting him fit, up and ready and working and I’m sure he is anxious as well. He has just got to be conscious of the fact that he doesn’t push himself too hard.

Fantastic potential

“So we’ll look after him, get him fit and he will play when he’s fit and ready.

“He has got fantastic potential. He is already part of the England squad and he’s the best person we could have got in here to play with the No.9 shirt.

“And at such a young age, when you consider what he has gone through, he wore the No.9 shirt at Newcastle, which is a fantastic honour and he can wear the No.9 here as well.

“That is a lot to carry on your shoulders and he showed by what he did at Newcastle that he is capable of doing that. Anybody who can wear that shirt up there and score goals has got a chance.

“We know he is a young boy. We know the price is maybe a bit more than what some people think it should be. But then every single person in here (the press conference) has got to justify their wages and their cost.

“So, if you can do that for yourself, then I’m sure he can do that for himself.”


Andy Carroll: The first photos – Liverpool FC

Andy Carroll: The first photos – Liverpool FC 


Reds agree Carroll fee – Liverpool FC

Reds agree Carroll fee – Liverpool FC 


31st Jan 2011 – Latest News

BBC Sport – Football – Liverpool reject Fernando Torres transfer request

BBC Sport – Football – Liverpool reject Fernando Torres transfer request 

Liverpool reject Fernando Torres transfer request

Fernando Torres 

Torres has scored three goals in his last four games for Liverpool

Liverpool are bracing themselves for a new bid for Fernando Torres from Chelsea after rejecting a transfer request from the Spanish striker.

The Anfield club have already turned down a bid from Chelsea – thought to be about £35m-40m – for the 26-year-old.

“He’s under a long-term contract. We expect him to honour the commitment he made to Liverpool and its fans when he signed,” said the Reds in a statement.

“He has submitted a written transfer request, which has been rejected.”

Torres, who joined Liverpool in 2007, has been linked with Chelsea before.

The Blues were reported to be interested in luring the Spaniard from Anfield in the summer of 2008 and made a bid in May of last year.

However, on 3 August 2010, Torres pledged his loyalty to Liverpool after helping Spain win the World Cup in South Africa.

He said at the time: “My commitment and loyalty to the club and to the fans is the same as it was on my first day when I signed.”

Torres joined the Reds in July 2007, signing a six-year contract after completing a £20m switch from Spanish side Atletico Madrid.

He scored three hat-tricks in his first season on Merseyside, scoring 33 goals in 46 appearances and netted the winner as Spain beat Germany 1-0 to win the European Championship in 2008.


Hamstring injuries plagued the following season but he still managed 17 goals in 38 games, while groin problems and knee surgery disrupted his 2009-10 campaign, although he still managed to find the net 22 times in 32 games.

Torres picked up a World Cup winners’ medal with Spain but he failed to score during the finals in South Africa and pulled up with an abductor problem in the final, having come on as an 89th-minute substitute in the 1-0 victory over the Netherlands.

He has endured an indifferent season on Merseyside, scoring just nine goals in 26 games and handed in a written transfer request on Friday despite Liverpool looking to have bolstered their attacking options by agreeing a £23m fee with Ajax for their striker Luis Suarez.

The Uruguayan, who has yet to agree personal terms or pass a medical, has scored 111 goals in 159 appearances for the Dutch side and his protracted transfer was expected to provide support up front for Torres rather than replacing him.

Although he scored twice in the Reds’ 2-0 win over Chelsea in November, Torres looked a forlorn figure under previous Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson.

However, he has looked revitalised under new boss Kenny Dalglish, scoring three goals in his last four games.

Liverpool moved up to seventh in the Premier League table following their 1-0 victory over Fulham on Wednesday, but they still face a fight to qualify for the Champions League next season, with Chelsea nine points ahead of them in fourth spot.

The Reds are not in action this weekend, having been knocked out of the FA Cup in the third round by Manchester United, and Dalglish is not scheduled to speak to the media until Monday – transfer deadline day – when he holds a planned press conference ahead of Wednesday’s home Premier League game against Stoke.

Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti refused to talk about Torres, preferring to focus on the Blues’ FA Cup fourth round tie at Everton on Saturday, but said he is happy that “the club are trying to do everything they can to improve the squad”.

With the transfer window open until 2300 GMT on Monday, there is still time for the Blues to increase their offer for should they wish.

Ancelotti said: “I don’t want to speak about this, you will have to ask the club. He is not my player and I have to have respect for Liverpool.

“I’m not surprised, because I know very well what the club is doing now. I am happy because the club is doing a fantastic job in this transfer market.”

Although Ancelotti’s team have failed to fully replicate their form of last term where they won the Premier League title, they are still in the Champions League and are 10 points behind league leaders Manchester United.

Ancelotti has previously hinted that he wanted to bring in new players to bolster an ageing squad stretched by injuries this season.

And with the club close to signing Benfica defender David Luiz, the bid for Torres shows that Chelsea are still prepared to use their financial muscle to boost their domestic and European ambitions.

Liverpool vs Everton Preview –

Liverpool – Everton Preview: Steven Gerrard & Jamie Carragher miss Merseyside derby as Kenny Dalgish seeks first win

By Adithya Ananth

FA Cup - Manchester United vs Liverpool, Kenny Dalglish(Getty Images) 

Photo Gallery
FA Cup – Manchester United vs Liverpool, Kenny Dalglish(Getty Images)

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Daniel Agger, Martin Kelly, Christian Poulsen and Daniel Agger recently received encouraging words from manager Kenny Dalglish, and could all be set to start this game. Jamie Carragher (shoulder) remains sidelined following his surgery, while Joe Cole and Jay Spearing are doubts for this one. Steven Gerrard will play no part in this game since he is suspended.

Possible starting line-up: Reina; Johnson, Agger, Skrtel, Kelly; Kuyt, Lucas, Poulsen, Meireles; Cole; Torres.


David Moyes has revealed that the Toffees have accepted an offer for Steven Pienaar from an unnamed club, but the South Africa international could still play in this game. Phil Jagielka (thigh) was expected to be in contention to feature in the Merseyside derby, but he has been unable to recover well enough to take part in the mammoth encounter at Anfield. Tim Cahill is unavailable since he is away on international duty at the Asian Cup.

Possible starting line-up: Howard; Neville, Heitinga, Distin, Baines; Coleman, Fellaini, Rodwell, Arteta, Pienaar; Saha.

Dalglish looking for first win

Liverpool recently sacked Roy Hodgson after an underwhelming campaign and brought in former boss and club legend Kenny Dalglish to take the reins on a temporary basis. But the Scot is yet to taste victory in his second stint at the helm.

His first game in charge was against Manchester United in the FA Cup, which ended in a 1-0 defeat to his side. This was followed by a trip to Bloomfield Road, where the Reds surrendered the lead before allowing the hosts to snatch a victory.

Now for the Merseyside derby. It is almost two decades since Dalglish suddenly quit the very position he holds, after his side played out a 4-4 draw with these very opponents.

The 59-year-old is held as a true legend of the club as a player as well as a manager, but his status could be dimmed if he is unable to bring about a resurrection in the team’s dreadful form. But on the contrary, a positive achievement – and a victory over Moyes’ men, for now – will do a world of good to the team as well as himself.

Blues need the points too

It is almost as if the two clubs on Merseyside are sympathising with each other stooping down to newer lows, as only goal difference separates both teams in the Premier League.

This means that the derby takes an added significance as both teams are only four points above the relegation zone, and the loser could face potentially very difficult consequences in terms of getting back up in the standings.

The visitors were having some trouble converting their chances in recent weeks, but were able to successfully put five past Scunthorpe United in the FA Cup. But their current opponents are not a team that sit in the Championship drop zone, which would make the task all the more difficult.

To add to the Moyes’ woes, Australian Tim Cahill is away on international duty in the Asia Cup and will play no part in this game. But on the positive side, the Toffees have won their last two games and the cup win should give them enough confidence to hope for the right result at Anfield.

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Fernando Torres
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Fernando Torres will have to step up his game in the absence of skipper Steven Gerrard and defender Jamie Carragher, and may have to do some serious damage up front if the hosts are to change their fortunes. 

Phil Neville
Phil Neville
POSITION: Defender
16 0 3 0
Phil Neville was linked with a move to Tottenham Hotspur recently, before manager David Moyes came out dismissing the idea. The former Manchester United man will likely have a say in the proceedings if the Toffees are to continue to build on their last two results.
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Phil Neville18
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Seamus Coleman31
Louis Saha8
The game should be a hard fought one that could end in an entertaining draw between the two sides. 

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